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Value Proposition

Company Profile

Solera is a new company created to develop and market small electricity generating systems (about 25 to 50 kw) ideal for green buildings, small businesses or small communities,  capable of operating 24/7.

Solera sought the most economical way of downsizing simple and proven solar thermal technologies, sacrificing some efficiencies for simplicity and reliability, storing energy in the form of pressurized hot water to achieve 24/7 operation.  Depending on the location, the system could operate some 300 days a year and with supplemental heating could operate continuously.

We are seeking sponsors/grants to build a full size demonstration unit to rate the systems, since daily and seasonal solar irradiation will affect the operating temperatures and thus the efficiency of the turbine in the Rankine cycle. 

We have chosen to provide plenty of information in the site, hoping to elicit suggestions, comments and advice.  There are still several stumbling blocks to overcome, from finding the turbine to the optimal dimensions of the collectors.  Any comments, suggestions or advice is welcome.

Contact Information

Solera Power Corporation
Eduardo Saucedo

Telephone: 1-202-437-6008
Postal address: 1423 Dutton Ave. Santa Rosa, CA 95407
Electronic mail:


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